he's always been there when I needed him he is a HC friend
by Lisa June 15, 2003
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word created by a kid from north brunswick to mean hardcore why i do not know
Man this shit is so hc.
by sirfaraz May 21, 2005
Abbreviation used to refer to Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Also used to refer to something or someone who embodies the qualities or characteristics of Hunterdon County, New Jersey.
I heading home to the HC for winter break.

They had pygmy goats in their backyard. That is so HC.
by JMurdah November 06, 2010
HC is an abbreviation for horse cock, especially in the slang sense of bologna or baloney sausage.
A: Hey, wanna trade sandwiches? Watcha got?
B: Just some HC with ketchup.
by Ostrojohnny September 16, 2013
Hot Chick used when you see a attractive female to tell your mates how good she is
Hey check the rack on that HC
by tim thinks hayley is a HC November 26, 2004
Hearty chuckle
What you are really doing instead of "lol".
Sam slipped on an apple peel as he was sitting down, hc.
by Scarecrow_of_Oz February 19, 2011
or H.C., Human Control. Time period (including B.C. and A.D.) before advanced machines. Generally defined by the i/o paradigm and the use of Decide. Characterized by inefficiency and phyicality. Similar to Age of Humans, carbondays, UN (Un) or un(times). See smart.
"Communication devices were once thought intelligent, but that was HC."
by Machines January 24, 2012

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