(n) The negative absence of milk. May make you want to throw a refrigerator or other usually unliftable object at someone.
Spending too much time around an Izaya will make you want to drink milk.

After being around that Izaya, I flipped a table.
by Anonosity February 18, 2011
An izaya is a feeling that will cause you to feel like hitting something,pulling things out of the ground,wanting to suicide.An izaya is also a word used to describe people who step on a young female's cellphone,a troll on the net/real life or another word for the term douche bag.An izaya can also represent a hot sociopath.
I feel so izaya today

Dudeee, did you know i saw someone pull of an izaya last monday in the alleyway at shinjuku?!

He is being such an izaya!!!

I'm a smoking hot izaya.
by Kanra chan desuuuuuu August 18, 2013

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