See: Newb
I download hax, but cannot write my own, let alone win a game without them! I pwn you!
by Acid^Rogue September 10, 2003
To act like you hack, ex: kiddie. To perform a dirty act on someone's PC.
Bitch, did you forget that f0rked is a elite hax0r?
by dizee July 09, 2002

4 l33t d00d t4#t c4n e4si1y st34l j00rs N3t P4$$p0rt.
S4br3t4che 0wn0rs j00rs b0x0rs...4nd u c4nt h4ve 3m b4ck!
by SABRETACHE H4x0r July 01, 2003
a person who has skills in computer security so advanced that they have passed hacker and reach 1337 Hax0r
"i consider my self a hacker but not an elite hax0r" - Birf on TechTV
by f0gg0 June 17, 2003
a person who can hack computer
I'm a level 87 l33t hax0r, you must be a noob
by pantz June 27, 2005
A 1337 dude who can fuxor your boxen.
Man that d00d is a 1337 hax0r
by BlackHawk May 09, 2003

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