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Not only is this individual a cunt, but they are also as dumb as an ox. This is about as insulting as one can be.
Look at that great big cuntox over there. What a fucktard.
by BlackHawk May 09, 2003
A person who is extremely groovy. A contraction of fucking groovster.
Hey mein fuckster, grab me another beer from the fridge while you're up.
by BlackHawk May 09, 2003
releasing a chili mac and popcorn fart at nose level!
while scrubbing the floor at wal mart,i released a "daisy cutter",on a couple squatting to look at items on the bottom shelf!
by blackhawk November 13, 2004
A 1337 dude who can fuxor your boxen.
Man that d00d is a 1337 hax0r
by BlackHawk May 09, 2003
while squared off with your opponent,shaking the right fist,as if ur gonna throw it,then in the magic second they make eye contact with it,you nail the lid shut with ur left!,that's a true sucker punch.
i saw his gaze train on my right fist,just before i'd cleaned his clock with my left lightning bolt!
by blackhawk November 12, 2004

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