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A word that was invented to replace the new meaning of the word "gay" (stupid, dumb, etc. NOT HOMOSEXUAL).
Example 1:Sheesh, that teacher can be such a birf.
Example 2: A: sometimes you can be so gay
B: Don't you mean birf?
by NOTaBIRF May 09, 2009
implying ones birthday
i almost forgot tomorrow's your birf!!
by Brandon Tate May 13, 2006
Nickname for the name "Matthew"
Matthew: Sup?
Kirk: Sup Birfs!
by Matthew February 23, 2004
Abbreviation of a component resembling a CV Joint common to pre '86 Toyota Solid Front Axles. Proper form: Birfield. A notorious weak link, often upgraded to Smurfields, Profields, etc, or replaced entirely with a Birfield Eliminator Kit.
Damnit, I just blew a birf! Anyone have a spare?
by Kyle November 26, 2003

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