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property or belongings. Always used in the plural form.
He has a lot of havings.
by uttam maharjan December 12, 2012

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verb: Similar to stealing, except less snitchier. Involves simply taking something from someone, while making sure to inform them of it. You could optionally bitchslap them.

Be careful through, if you have something from the wrong guy, you could get fucked up.

Me: I'm having this milkshake
Bitch: But thats my--
Me: Fuck yourself *slap*


Me: I'm having this milkshake
Guy: What the fuck are you doing with my milkshake?
Me: Having it, bitch *slap*
Guy: *Rape*
by Mohamdu January 01, 2006
Pronounced in the same sense as "having dinner:"

A slang term used in a similar context as "ballin'," or "awesome."

Also seen as "havin'."
This party's having, bro!

That dude's havin', yo!
by DBHS January 25, 2008