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Surprisingly enough, it's not a synonym for marijuana.
"Let's smoke some fuck, man."
"... What?"
by Mohamdu December 24, 2005
verb: Similar to stealing, except less snitchier. Involves simply taking something from someone, while making sure to inform them of it. You could optionally bitchslap them.

Be careful through, if you have something from the wrong guy, you could get fucked up.

Me: I'm having this milkshake
Bitch: But thats my--
Me: Fuck yourself *slap*


Me: I'm having this milkshake
Guy: What the fuck are you doing with my milkshake?
Me: Having it, bitch *slap*
Guy: *Rape*
by Mohamdu January 01, 2006
1) One of the luckiest men in the world. A drummer who just happened to join the greatest band of all time. Ringo was actually the worst drummer out of all of The Beatles].
All the songs he did for them sucked ass; mediocre at best by Beatles standards.

2) Someone who has little to offer, but has fantastic friend(s)/associates.

In my defense, I don't mean to say that Mr. Starkey is a bad guy, I mean to say he's lucky.
"Holy fuck! Check out Ringo Starr's nose!"
by Mohamdu January 31, 2006

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