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(Noun) A guy who remains sober enough to prevent his friend from sleeping with an ugly or dirty girl while his friend is shitfaced.
"Man, I can't believe I almost hit that! Good thing I had my lineman, Joey, to keep me out of trouble."
by McCrapper March 25, 2013
(Interjection) The way that an ignorant dumbass says gracias.
You went and bought a case of cold brewskies just for me? Grassiass, man!
by McCrapper July 15, 2012
(Noun) an innocent code name that represents a particular day/night in which a couple is going to participate in sexual activity (have sex)
Person 1: "What is Jim so happy about, today?"
Person 2: Well, I heard that it is Pizza and Big Red night at his house; if you know what I mean."
Person 1: "Oh, I gotcha"
by McCrapper July 04, 2012
(Noun) Someone who takes their time or procrastinates; a slacker.
I would have faith in my brother arriving on time, but he's a gradualist.

He still hasn't sent in his paperwork? What a gradualist!
by McCrapper July 15, 2012
(noun) A term that describes corrections officer that is a total dick/asshole. Referenced from corrections officer in the show prison break, named Brad Bellick.
"Man, the C.O.s in this place are a bunch of bellicks.
by McCrapper March 25, 2013
(noun) A person who does not possess the necessary credentials in order for them to be successful. Likewise, this person is not able to express qualities of credibility.
The networking teacher said that he could not take the day off because he was a have-not and needed to work towards his certification.
by McCrapper March 25, 2013
(none) An urban slang term for library.
"Yo, dude, you goin' to the brary today to pick up some books?"

"I must've left my knapsack in the brary.
by McCrapper November 18, 2012

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