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The sound often made by sam specter
(1) WOW cool
(2) Ouch it hurts
(3) Illeagle goods being smuggled from South Africa.
(1) Wahh! space-ship
(2) Wahh! I fell over
(3) Security searched my bags for Wahh Wahh.
by Phil McRackpipe June 24, 2004
A statement that can be used to replace any noun, verb, adverb, whatever. However, if used, must be used only for comedic effect.

It litteraly means to stink, stank, stunk, stain, and poo.
I lost my wahh in the wahh, and now my wahh is wahh wahh.

Oh wahh, your such a wahh stinky wahh.

Wahh loves poop.
by Wahh Wallace June 06, 2005