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s'n'n, sumthn, somethin, something
i wanna do sth fun today, im sick of this boring shit here
by smackster November 02, 2003
The working class. People who don't make things but rather sell their labor in the workplace, when the means of production are owned by someone else. The most widely known example is the factory worker. The international proletariat make up about 50% of the world population at this point. See wordbourgeoisword.
A shirt is worth $10. The boss has a factory to make shirts. Workers get paid $1 a shirt that they make, and the cotton costs $1 a shirt. So the boss spends $2 on every shirt. 10-2 is 8. The boss gets $8 a shirt, the worker gets only $1. Something's wrong here...
by Smackster October 05, 2003
A weed eater.
-"Did you hear Joey is a fucking dank monster?" -"Yeah nibbles that shit like chewing tobacco, teacher told him 'spit out the gum' n he ran out the door and hasn't been back to the class in a month." -"Shit.."
by Smackster September 30, 2003
Short for Hashish. The crystals that grow on cannabis. Often scooped and smoked, baked into "hash cookies," or eaten outright. The definer prefers to chew the gram's worth of marijuana like chewing tobacco, with the hash still on it.
Hash is the most brilliant crystal of all...
by Smackster October 04, 2003
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