Yales' ridiculously overconfident douche of a cousin. School where you can work unbelieveably hard to get accepted, actually get accepted, then realize during the first semester you should've gone to Yale. Quite frankly, even Brown (shudder) would've been a better choice. In recent years people have realized hiring people simply because they went to Harvard is useless, as normally they have to pay to bring in a Yalie to do the job afterwards. Then they have to bring the Brown man (who is now a plumber) to show the Harvard man how to take a shit. In short, a school that (despite constantly being on top of superficial lists written by people who either went to or fear Harvard) is inferior both academically and athletically to Yale. Go BULLDOGS.
Tom: Sarah graduated from Yale last weekend.
Steve: Oh really, thats great!
Tom: Not really. She realized she is actually dumber now than she was 4 years ago when she started, so now shes going to try her hand at Yale, if she can get in.

A student fan from each Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Brown are standing on a cliff together during football season. The Princeton man runs forward and yells, "This is for the Tigers!". Not to be outdone, the Brown man runs forward and yells "This is for the Bears!". Aghast at what just happened, the Yale and Harvard men look at each other in shock. The Yale man shrugs, as if to say "hey why not". The Harvard man scoffs and looks at the Yale man like hes an idiot. Then the Yale man proceeds to push the Harvard man off the cliff proclaiming "This is for all mankind".
by Cass October 29, 2006
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See "Grade Inflation" Grade Inflation
"Dude, you got an A, too?"

"Yeah, duh, we go to Hahvahd!"
by yale February 09, 2005
Princeton's nerdy, unathletic brother.
I was going to go to Princeton, but i'm fat and I'd rather not have fun in college, so I'll go to Harvard.
by J. March 18, 2005
1) An elitist university where one would go to waste "$150,000 on an education you coulda got for a buck fifty in late fees at the public library."

2) The home of athletes who make their opposition feel better about themselves and look especially talented by comparison.

"I just wasted 150,000 dollars last weekend in Vegas!"
"That sucks, but I went to Harvard and it took me four years."


Harvard just played hockey against Cornell.
by D H May 07, 2006
A well-known mental health facility located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Harvard -- Where only 10% of residents seriously consider suicide a year!
by Treize K April 25, 2009
the school that cornell destroys in hockey every year.
"We didn't go to Harvard. No we're not that cocky and they can't play hockey."
by CARNAN November 18, 2006
Harvard is perhaps the most prestigious University in the USA. The University was founded in 1636 in Cambridge Massachusetts, way before the USA became independent from Britain. The name came after John Harvard, a young minister, a graduate of Cambridge, England, who upon his death left library and estate to support the early time of University.

Before 20th century, European countries dominated the world and finest Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford were found in Europe.
However, because of World War I and II, European countries lost world power and the power shifted to the USA. Political and economic power shifts also made opportunity for American Universities to set the highest standards.

Harvard is like a huge cooperation or enterprise, investing in stocks, lands, not only investments in educations. Harvard's strong power is perhaps its prestigious name and also enormous financial power that could recruit the already established best star scholars in the world to be Harvard professors. Average assistant and associate professors are high standards in their levels. However, the presence of several, but not all, star professors at Harvard is making Harvard almost incomparable unique University.
In addition, Harvard-MIT, both located in Boston, perhaps two top Universities, have exchange programs that add more opportunities.
Learning from top professors naturally gives opportunities to students to stand in the front positions in the world in their fields.
You know, most of the star professors at Harvard are not necessarily graduates of these schools.
by ramunenakayama@hotmail.com January 07, 2008
American university that breeds insecurity, especially with regards to its younger cousin (see: Yale).
Guy 1: Dude, all Sam can talk about since he started at Harvard was how much "Yale sucks".
Guy 2: Yeah, thats because they replaced the freshman writing course with "Yale Sucks 101".
by selfcall February 07, 2007
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