If you looked this up, its obviously not on your list of college applications.
Fellow Employee: "So hey where'd you graduate from?"

Bob: (arrogant, slightly pompous tone) Harvard.

Fellow Employee: "Woaah...(awed silence)''
by Pooperscooper! November 04, 2009
The college that you'll most likely not get into unless you work yourself to death at school.
Nick: Hey, Ed.
Ed: Yeah?
Nick: Did you get your letter back from Harvard yet?
Ed: Nope. I'll bet I didn't get in.
Nick: Why not?
Ed: 'Cause my college letter sucked and my SAT scores and GPA could've been a little higher
by un-named August 11, 2006
The school you would have gone to in a second had you been accepted. Frequently ranked best college in the world. Also, unfairly criticized by many for rejecting them. See envy. Apparently, the (insert your mediocre school) of the east.
I wish I had been accepted to Harvard, but instead, I'll take my anger out at them for my shortcomings.
by youknowitstrue May 13, 2006
An old prestigious university located in Cambridge, MA.
Harvard: because not everyone can go to MIT.
by C March 15, 2005
One of the oldest universities in the United States - based in Cambridge/Boston, MA. Harvard is famous for having taught many prominent Americans, and is often considered to be the best, or one of the best, universities in the country.

Often criticized for its elitism, extreme focus on career vs. personal life, old-fashioned/strict approach to education, and creation of large, obnoxious egos. A great school with flaws.
The top student from my school was the only one who got into Harvard.
by CKFun May 22, 2004
a town in central massachusetts also known as "Apple Country". Bromfield, also home to the Massachusetts division 3 boys soccer champions, is located in this town and has some of the best teachers ever. Harvard is a rural town which has some very rich snobby people who deserve a kick in the face.
-Do you live in Harvard and go to Bromfield?
-Yep, i'm a Trojan, we DON'T break under pressure
by Will Sch April 03, 2006
One of America’s most prominent Ivy League universities, founded in the 1600s in Cambridge, Massachusettes. Believe it or not, Harvard was originally founded to train men how to become Protestant ministers, but has turned into an institution of atheists, secularists, liberals and new-agers.
Harvard is appropriately located in one of the most liberal areas in the United States, in the most liberal state in the United States. It is not uncommon to enroll in Harvard as a Christian and graduate as an atheist.
by krock1dk May 10, 2010

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