head, fellacio,oral sex from a woman
shorty gives the greatest harvard eva my dude!
by kingswearcrowns May 14, 2007
Yales' ridiculously overconfident douche of a cousin. School where you can work unbelieveably hard to get accepted, actually get accepted, then realize during the first semester you should've gone to Yale. Quite frankly, even Brown (shudder) would've been a better choice. In recent years people have realized hiring people simply because they went to Harvard is useless, as normally they have to pay to bring in a Yalie to do the job afterwards. Then they have to bring the Brown man (who is now a plumber) to show the Harvard man how to take a shit. In short, a school that (despite constantly being on top of superficial lists written by people who either went to or fear Harvard) is inferior both academically and athletically to Yale. Go BULLDOGS.
Tom: Sarah graduated from Yale last weekend.
Steve: Oh really, thats great!
Tom: Not really. She realized she is actually dumber now than she was 4 years ago when she started, so now shes going to try her hand at Yale, if she can get in.

A student fan from each Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Brown are standing on a cliff together during football season. The Princeton man runs forward and yells, "This is for the Tigers!". Not to be outdone, the Brown man runs forward and yells "This is for the Bears!". Aghast at what just happened, the Yale and Harvard men look at each other in shock. The Yale man shrugs, as if to say "hey why not". The Harvard man scoffs and looks at the Yale man like hes an idiot. Then the Yale man proceeds to push the Harvard man off the cliff proclaiming "This is for all mankind".
by Cass October 29, 2006
The Stanford University of the east.
Adam: Why did Julia decide to go to Harvard?
Katy: She got rejected from Stanford.
by whoohoo December 02, 2007
A school for the nerdiest of nerds.
The valedictorian of my class went to Harvard.
by Mathura August 19, 2004
a place where aspiring black people go to get educated while their peers continue to hate on them on no basis whatsoever. many think that harvard kids are nerds who study all the time and have no lives but for a definition of those kids see HATERS.
--yo i met this bangin chic at this fly ass party last weekend. she's both sexy AND educated!

--yo where was this party at?

--it was at HARVARD!
by Jo Mama September 29, 2004
harvard sucks and princeton doesn't matter.
Did you go to the Yale-Harvard game?
Yeah, when it was at Harvard, even though they were deuschebags and wouldn't let us drink we pulled the best trick known to college football on them. Go to www.harvardsucks.org.
by bingham, bitches! (elihu yale) March 29, 2005
A place where you can pay $100k.p.a for an education you can get in any mid-west whorehouse for $50.
He's a Harvard Man therefore he is stupid and spends lots of money on his son's/daughter's miseducation. (Similar to Yale, Oxford or Cambridge institutions)
by Hedley Clubnobber August 26, 2006

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