One of America’s most prominent Ivy League universities, founded in the 1600s in Cambridge, Massachusettes. Believe it or not, Harvard was originally founded to train men how to become Protestant ministers, but has turned into an institution of atheists, secularists, liberals and new-agers.
Harvard is appropriately located in one of the most liberal areas in the United States, in the most liberal state in the United States. It is not uncommon to enroll in Harvard as a Christian and graduate as an atheist.
by krock1dk May 10, 2010
1) An elitist university where one would go to waste "$150,000 on an education you coulda got for a buck fifty in late fees at the public library."

2) The home of athletes who make others feel better about themselves and look especially talented.
"I just wasted 150,000 dollars last weekend in Vegas!"
"That sucks, but I went to Harvard and it took me four years."


Harvard just played hockey against Cornell.
by D H April 18, 2006
a town in central massachusetts also known as "Apple Country". Bromfield, also home to the Massachusetts division 3 boys soccer champions, is located in this town and has some of the best teachers ever. Harvard is a rural town which has some very rich snobby people who deserve a kick in the face.
-Do you live in Harvard and go to Bromfield?
-Yep, i'm a Trojan, we DON'T break under pressure
by Will Sch April 03, 2006
The Boston College of Cambridge.
Wow, Harvard lost to BC again in hockey.
by bluepeople March 26, 2008
The most prestigious, renowned university in the country. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard is agruably the best ivy-league school in the US.
You won't get accepted into Harvard if your grades aren't up to par!
by hey it's pat December 02, 2007
University for the brilliant and beautiful. Old school sexy. See Weezer, Natalie Portman, and the shiznit.
I could teach you but I have to charge
Damn right it's better than yours
And they're like, it's better than yours
Harvard brings all the boys to the Yard
by Mira Sorvino March 25, 2006
Another PC name for that elitist school "hardvard" where that kid with a jew fro who owns facebook went to. Made famous by The Social Network (no one wanted to go/ had ever heard of Hardvard before that). Wishes it were in boston..and goes to friggin MIT, nerd-central, for all its parties.
-Hey kid, have u ever heard of Harvard?
-oh, dou you mean HARDVARD...yea, i watched the social network...they're all DICKS there.

see: penis, dicks
by lol smiley face(: December 03, 2010

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