usually on da top deck of da bus, a rude boi or chav or wateva u wana call him will cum up to you, usually from behind and slap you with his mates recording on camera fone. Some mug will shout 'KKKAAAAPPPPPOOOOOOOWWW' and then the victim wont kno what to do...Totally random but hilarious if your the one recording.
" Wa blo blad? You shud have seen it da ova day i happy slapped this dick head on the bus, was immense"
by TOP NEEK January 04, 2005
slapping someone round the face whilst playing lethal bizzle pow pow in the background

this is fucking hilarious especially when it is total surpise to the victim
pow pow
you wanna bring some beef- ur gonna lose some teef!
by MrW January 31, 2005
When a man slaps his phallus on a woman or man's asshole repeatedly. Often seen in pornos.
I was having sex with my wife last night and i pulled out and happy slapped her.
by Iron--Mike May 16, 2016
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