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A middle class chav. Someone of a higher typical socio-economic background and with more pronounced Estuary English accent than the typical chav. However they are just as stupid
Victoria Beckam and Jodie Marsh are Chaves they are too rich to be Chavs!
by Total Chav September 09, 2005
to shave one's genital region.
"i watched the best porno last night. the girl was totally chaved."

"that was the best chave i've ever seen."
by licatany March 04, 2006

To shave with a modern, predominantly multi-bladed cartridge-type razor such as a Gillette Mach 3, Fusion, Schick Hydro, or Quattro. Such process is usually completed using aerosol gel or "goo" containing a rather disturbing list of chemicals. Using such methods is often looked down upon by those who favor traditional double/single edged safety razors or or straight razors.
Real men don't chave; they use a double edged or straight razor!

I hate flying cause I can't take my straight razor in my carry-on so I have to chave.
by bigdrty April 03, 2011
an upper class chav from looke-ington
or a right rough chav from wack-field
you are such a chave
by mim and imi February 14, 2008
A fruit who kisses the asses of trolls.
My friend who is only known as CWM, is a chave.
by Plushtar February 17, 2004
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