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A decisive punch or blow to the head that results in the immediate conclusion of a fight or heated argument. The Slap is always given with more force than a normal punch or blow. The person administering The Slap is always seen as the more dominant, powerful and successful person in the argument, ultimately being proved correct all along.
These two fucking clowns were bitching over some stupid shit when one gave the other The Slap, lights out.... game over!
by The Sant February 04, 2015
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when a male swings his junk between his legs fast enough to produce a "slap" sound. The maneuver is most effective in a North/South fashion. East/West will do, but it's not as loud and hurts your balls.
never do the slap in front of your girl after taking a piss.

It's not a party until a someone does the slap for the ladies.

by jrzdvl December 07, 2006

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