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A certain strain of weed
Purple Haze, Pineapple Haze, Blueberry Haze

"I Live in Washington Heights, Home Of The Haze"
by SpaDe November 28, 2003
Pastime of intellectually-challenged youngsters from the 'street'. In large groups, they wander the realms of public transport, slapping the faces of unsuspecting members of the public and recording it for posterity on their camera-phones to show to their mates at 'skool'. They are usually black in colour, and under the delusion that they are the miniature London version of the US rapper 50 cent. Laughingly calling themselves G-Unit, or Terror Squad, they pounce without warning.
Try to arm yourself in anticipation of such an attack while travelling on any kind of public transport, and if you are unfortunate enough to be targeted by these ignorant morons, try and kill at least one of them in order to cleanse the human race.
by spade January 18, 2005
An adjective describing something that is cool, excellent, and/or outstanding.
That is one stass ride.

Leslie's rack is way stass.
by spade April 22, 2003
Unpleasing to all the senses simultaniously
Dude, don't go near Irene, she is so pacitile, she smells so bad I can taste it and she looks so bad it makes me wanna vomit.
by spade April 22, 2003
A shotgun, usually used in cs
wow, nice shotie kill
by Spade March 20, 2003
Head, Brains
"Just Suck Me Off, I promise girl that I wont tell..tha whole block/
And Den youuu tried, but yo stupid ass aint even know...how to give wops"
by SpaDe November 28, 2003

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