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4 definitions by Spuff

Wal*Mart's British bitch.
I work for Asda, yet there's no escaping from being reminded that I'm now part of the 'Wal*Mart Family'.
by Spuff December 20, 2005
A chav's attempt at art.
Chav: "Ha, wuddend it be funneh to kick the fuck out of that man and then record it and show all arr m8s!"
Chav 2: "Proppa origanal idea, dat!"
by Spuff July 28, 2005
Another word for tampon.
Girl - "Just need to go change my cunt plug"
Boy - "Ewww, gross"
by Spuff April 10, 2006
"Goldie Lookin' Chain" ... A rap group that completely mocks chav culture, yet chavs are too stupid to realise it. The name says that they're obviously out to mock! They see them as being 'safe', others see them as being hilarious. A great band.
"Your missus is a nutter!" - GLC
by Spuff November 15, 2005