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A word used mainly in Hawaii to describe a white person. Depending on how you say it, the word can mean either an insult or just a fact.
1. fact: me, my flip fren, my jap fren, and my haole fren went go smoke some batu over up in Nalo.
by Kailua boy January 31, 2004
The Hawaiian word for a foreigner or a very caucasian person who is not native to the Hawaiian Islands.
Pay special attention to the tone the word is said in.
"Eh, you stupid haole!" = means run!!

"I am part haole" = means you are part caucasian
by Mahea July 23, 2005
White person, American, Englishman, Caucasian, foreign, introduced, of foreign origin.

The word haole existed before the arrival of Captain Cook. It's a very old word that appears in a story about the demigod Kamapua'a. "He haole nui, maka 'alohilohi." Also, the word does not mean without breath. The word ha'ole is a different word entirely.
He mau haole paha na kanaka e heluhelu nei i ka unuhi a'u i kakau ai.
Some foreigners are probably the people who are reading the translation I wrote.
by KanakaHawai'i June 26, 2005
white people who are usually born and raised on the mainland; a word used by hawaii people to describe a white person.
"look at the haoles walking on the beach."
by kepa July 11, 2008
The word haole when used on the islands has many different meanings, historically accurate or not. It is generally accepted as 'white person' among Caucasians, but most see it as foreigner or outsider. It is a widely accepted exclusionary word based on race, justified or not.
kamaaina (local): "brah, we get plenty choke haole on aina"

by damook May 15, 2008
Refrence from Hawai'i meaning foreigner. This can be anyone who is not local meaning people from the mainland, tourists, or just white people. Mostly used as a term for a white person, but can mean anyone foreign.

Sometimes used as a deragotory term against white people.
Originated from Hawai'i as a term for foreigners due to the fact that they refused to perform the ritual of sharing their mana through their breath, hence "no breath" definition.

Other times it can be used just for refrence to white people.
Deragotory: Fuckin haoles taking over.
Casual: Yea, had 2 hawaiians and one thick haole guy coming at me.
by Tomasu August 02, 2006
Word that meth-addicted, illiterate, shit-for-brains locals use when they need a convenient scapegoat to blame for their impotence.

Most commonly used by hapa people with only a drop of Hawaiian blood, who somehow think they are descended from sea-faring god-kings.

Ironically, the people who use this word the most, are part haole themselves, and therefore hate themselves.

I.E. the race card... to be played whenever things don't go EXACTLY their way.
It's racism pure and simple.
Funny that the one of the most genetically diverse group of people is also one of the most racist.
Bumbye the Haoles get off da aina, dey gon take: da wheel, da recipe fo' make frozen watah, da TV, da computahs, all dey money, da recipe fo' make beer, etc.etc....
by BigBoy33 September 25, 2010
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