haole is basically a hawaiian word for foreigner, but used mainly towards the whites.
like many other words, it's derogatory when used that way. you just have to listen to how its used. local haoles are sometimes mistaken for being from the mainland, and i hope they dont' get angered too much from it.
local haoles are usually much tanner than hoales from the mainland.
derogatory: you stupid fuckin' haole, shut your stupid haole mouth, or i will stick your stupid haole foot in it.

non-derogatory: i get chokage haole friends.
by xenoshi April 01, 2008
master., or god like one.
listen to the haole
by idontknowistaken November 20, 2008
usually if one hawaiian says it means white, anyone else still means tourist or white
Kimo: Eh, you when see dat haole
Nani: Stupid haole, took our land

Run if you hear this: i gone knock dat haole out after school
good: what a haole= dumb blond

He Hawai`i mau a mau. `A`ole kekahi Haole mau a mau.
I am Hawaiian forever. Not one white forever
by damalama September 13, 2007
Haole is a Hawaiian word used when Captain Cook arrived in Hawai'i. Ha, meaning breath and ole derived from a'ole, meaning no. Captain Cook did not exchange breaths like Hawaiians usually do as a greeting.

The term haole is used to state a fact or in a derogatory sense. Most Hawaiians are now part haole and some referred to as "mixed plate" because they have numerous nationalities.
Fact: "Whoa, 'Ola is choke haole. But he still one moke. CHEE PONO!"
Wow, Keola's heritage contains a high percentage of white ancestry. On the contrary, he is very much Hawaiian. YEAH!

Derogatory: "WAT U FUCKIN HAOLE!"
Run cuz u gonna get yo ass kicked FAKA!
by MOKE96795 February 27, 2006
haole is a white person in the state of hawaii. most of the haoles in hawaii are tourists. haoles get sunburns, therefore half of them look like fat lobsters. some, (most) people here in hawaii are haole haters, unless they have haole friends. or theyre haole. it all depends.
daaaaammn!!!! that haoles tourist over there is so white, he makes sunscreen look black!!!!!
by livinginthe808state August 02, 2010
hawaiian for without life/color; white person
ussually derogatory
barely ever casual like all these mokes on here say it is
you stupid fuckin haole i bus yu up if yu don get off my aina soon
by haole October 02, 2007
an Hawaiian term rarely used by Hawaiians....Hawaiians actually like white people...most of them are white

when used by non-Hawaiians...it is often a derogatory term from non-hawaiian outsiders that want to show that they belong or are local...
a filipino and japani guy are sitting playing pepito and a haole guy comes up and outsmarts them and takes theire money...you freakin haole!
by crazyhaole October 29, 2004
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