1) a foreigner, more specifically a white person from the mainland
2) any white person, whether they are locally born or born on the "mainland"
3) "Ha" means breath, "ole" derives from "a'ole" which means no; literally means "no breath" in reference to white foreigners who came to the Hawaiian islands and refused to participate in the ritual greeting involving exchanging breath.
Ho brah, look at all the haoles, they are taking ova the aina.
by Bonnie S. October 06, 2005
a cracker
Haoles turn into lobsters when exposed to the sun.
by da8o8state July 01, 2003
The name for white people in Hawaii. Half of them are stupid ass mainlanders and the other half are cool people.
Dat stupid haole girl better get one tan.
by DaGirlInDa808 August 10, 2003
-noun (pronounced "howlie")
Used by native Hawaiians to refer to white folks. Means "round-eye".
"Hey haole!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
This is used in hawaii to mean someone of caucasian ethnicity. It was first used to describe Capt. Cook and his men. It origianaly means without breath, because they were so pale (don't ask). It is now used in hawaii as a fact or an insult. Mostly an insult. Oh, it is only used on people with white skin.
You stupid haole!
by Kaimana July 01, 2004
Used as an insulting term torwards anybody with light skin in Hawaii. It has remained as an insult towards white people even since the culture of the islands has been absorbed by the "hip-hop" culture. I'm personally surprised that all of the locals haven't broken down and started calling us crackers yet.
What, you fuckin haole like some cracks?
by DCYB March 08, 2004
white devil
That haole bad
by frankie October 18, 2003

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