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ha•pa (hä’pä) adj. 1. Slang. of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry. n. 2. Slang. a person of such ancestry. {der./Hawaiian: hapa haole. (half white)}
Kirk Hammett is Hapa.
by Hapa Project September 19, 2005
1; Of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry. 2; If an individual has one parent whom is Asian/Pacific Islander, and one parent whom is of an ethnicity outside of Asian/Pacific Islander, they would generally be considered Hapa. 3; Damn good looking people
Tina: God I love Hapa guys

Jennifer: Who doesn't?
by hapa dude April 22, 2008
hapa is a hawaiian word that was originally part of the full phrase: hapa haole, which was a derogatory term for someone half hawaiian and half "white foreigner." Today, the phrase has been shortened to simply "hapa" and genreally refers to anyone part Asian or Pacific Islander and, generally, part caucasian. However, the definition of "hapa" has come more and more to mean "half" or "of mixed blood" in which case many different racial combinations are beginning to fall under the umbrella of "hapa".
white + asian = hapa
by i_am_hapa January 03, 2005
It literally means half in Hawaiian. It was originally meant to describe someone who was part Hawaiian, part whatever. But the term hapa has come to mean half asian, half white to a lot of people.
She's hapa haole" (a common term in hawaii that means half white).
by riceflower January 15, 2004
A child born with one Asian parent and one non-Asian parent.
The singer, Amerie, is one of the many beautiful African-American/Asian hapas in entertainment.
by United-Nations May 13, 2009
In literal terms, hapa means half, or part. In the past, the term was coupled with the term haole, which means Caucasian or foreigner, to categorize a person as half-white. As such, being a hapa was akin to being a half-breed, a somewhat negative notion. However, in contemporary usage, hapa has taken on the meaning of anyone of mixed ethnicities, especially in Hawaii where more than half the population is of mixed race. On the Mainland, however, the half-breed connotation still prevails in some circles.
You know the kind, Hapa
She/He is a Hapa
by Hapa Potter March 03, 2010
Hapas male often have trouble when they become teenagers. In fact, asian women that married white men did so because they preferred white men and even though there is nothing wrong with it, it still creates a problem because an hapa male is still an asian male in our society, especially in the eyes of white people.

Growing up as a hapa male, you understand that your mother is like those asian american women going for white men and your dad, well, a white man having a yellow fever. Therefore, being a hapa male is often being a contradiction in the sense that you are exactly what your parents were against: an asian men.
White man with yellow fever: I love asian women and I'm glad there are asian women like your mother that like better us white men than you asian men.

Hapa male: I guess you're right
by antoine34 December 23, 2009
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