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Thomas Ryan Murphy at RPI
Ryan (the hamburgler) pre-gamed Meal Plan with a hamburger
by TNFiji November 15, 2004
The most notorious criminal in American history. Reponsible for the pickle mutiny of 1932 and heisting millions of Hamburgers from the McDonalds archive.
If the Hamburgler ever stole my burger, I'd shoot him in the back as he fled.
by jerem December 20, 2003
While having ones asshole eaten out, proceed to rip a wet fart on the face of the person eating the asshole. The result being a mask of shit around the eyes looking like The Hamburgler. A.K.A. The Raccoon, the Wrobel Wrobel
While eating out his girlfriends asshole, she let a wet one rip in his face. He looked like the fucking Hamburgler
by tekrc May 08, 2009
When one recieves a handjob from a girl that not on that night nor anyother has he ever hooked up with. This act is commonly used when the girl is much to of a fugle to hook up with, but you will still gladly recieve a handjob.
Jeff was not attracted to Sarah at all but he still took a hamburgler due to the fact that he hadn't been laid in months.
by Rahdagh August 09, 2009
a girl that is so fat..all the worlds missing cheese burgers are in her chins
John: hey jason, were where you at this weekend
Jason: over at hamburglers
by urbanjedi23 May 16, 2011
One who steals someone's anal virginity.
Fred was quite a hamburgler last night with that girl.
by afritz1234 April 17, 2009
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