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the lone rebel who lives only to topple the mcdonalds corporation, since he has no following he only burgles the hamburgers from the local mcdonalds.
the hamburglers cause is a good one but he needs to burgle something else for a change.
by Pyro88 May 16, 2004
someone who steals a hamburger
Stop that hamburgler, he stole my whopper!
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
One who dances like a complete idiot but somehow still seems to attract the ladies.
Greg Huff is a hamburgler
by niki dosland March 04, 2005
The most unstoppable running back in NFL street. Takes after his creator, Eric Tai, in looks and mental capability.
by ddt7 November 18, 2004
when the vagina is so thick and meaty it looks like a big mac with extra mayonaise
dude, did you see that pussy it looks like a hamburgler!
by i run this shit August 22, 2008
A short, stocky, annoying fellow will pretends to be one's friend, but hides malicious tendencies.
The kid is a little f'n hamburgler
by Street Urchin April 06, 2004
noun, Any guy who steals a girl or a group of girls from another guy or group of guys.
See all those girls Dj is chillin with, he's a straight up hamburgler, he got them from mikey and his freinds.
by Biff Winton November 18, 2006