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9 definitions by assclown

Able to use both hands with equal facility for the perposes of masterbation
"i can jackoff with my left hand or my right hand. I'm wankbidextrous".
by assclown January 26, 2005
Seven whole grains and sesame cereal, sometimes used as a singing aid. Often associated with ass-kicking metal music about givin props to all.
This one goes out to all my girls with braces, Keepin it metal, keepin it tight, Adam Eat the Kashi for the ladies
by AssClown February 26, 2003
abbreviation for she-man.
A shman!!!
by assclown October 24, 2003
Word for a female that is penetrated multiple times by a group of men in many different areas.
Me and my roommates made that girl an Artillery Chicken last night!
by Assclown May 23, 2004
Homosexual of German ancestrty who listens to Techno dance music and has an enormous collection of black leather clothes.
"Dude, check out that fagmeister in the corner sucking off that guy!"
by AssClown September 09, 2003
One who deems it appropriate to burgle ham.
by assclown October 24, 2003
Short for Emily
Emi, you are so DAMN HOT!
by Assclown June 18, 2003