A chick's pussy that has been fucked by too many guys. It looks like a raw hamburger.
Dude, Cesar, Stacy's pussy looks like a hamburger
by Jimboner April 14, 2005
You put the penis in between the tits and the girl sucks the penis.
(girl is talking) that Hamburger was yummy.
by SHITTYLICK69 October 02, 2010
Food made entirely from the people of the town Hamburg.
we people of Hamburg - we Hamburgers.
by nooneimportantt May 10, 2008
A sandwich that wanted to be cool so it took steroids and became the super delicious massive pile of awesome that many humans eat to this very day.
Man I just ate the best hamburger.
by ChocolateFungi August 18, 2014
a type of food
hamburgers:here's a example: when you hear a fat person on the phone you say "well it sounds like your chewing on a hamburger to me". its lame but ion care.
by Ashamack October 27, 2010
the sparse hair that protrudes out of an open neck shirt. most commonly found on a Doug Johnson.
Dude 1: " Dude! Look at that guys hamburger!"
Dude 2: "Must be a Doug Johnson!"
Dude 3: "I wish I was a Doug Johnson!"
by Kyle and Heather April 24, 2010
v., slang - (to) hamburger someone

to capture someone and squeeze them between your and someone else's body, resembling a hamburger, the victim being the "patty" and two attackers the buns.

to be caught beneath a pile of people

"Salad" and so on can be added to reach a huge pile of people or "ingredients".
Guy 1: Let's go hamburger him!
Guy 2: Dude, I'm in.

Guy 1: "I'm so gonna sneak into that show."
Guy 2: "Well, have fun getting hamburgered by security."
by Bi-Larious Anon February 17, 2011

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