A man lays down on his back, and the female get on. Now, she pushes up and does a twist in the air. Anal. She flips over again, standard sex. and again. like a hamburger being flipped
she gave me a hamburger, i hamburgered her
#hamburger #hamburlar #flip #ass #pussy
by Whiksihr July 10, 2008
A gay white liberal college student who dates mostly black or latino guys.

PersonB: "Dude...stop being such a hamburger. Seriously."
#hamburger #idiot #racist #sandwich #sangwich #gay #college #liberal
by Duosity45 March 14, 2007
The act of getting a boner while running in a cross country race.
A kid on the westmont hilltop cross country team, who's name will not be mentioned, had a hamburger in his pants at the finish of a cross country meet.
#boner #austin #hamburger #hard #wood
by Westmont Cross Country April 03, 2006
1. An american car that had performance modifications that you would normaly see on an import.

See also Ricer
That cavalier with the honda sticker in the window is hamburgered out.
by J-law March 11, 2005
taking the leftover weed parts ( i.e. stems and leaves), combining them into a ball and smoking them as a last resort for a high
Yo Timmy just smoked a hamburger
#weed #mary jane #mj #stems #leaves
by Manda J August 16, 2006
A word ment to be shouted out. HAMBURGER. Another word for "god daymn" or "tight".
God daymn in any ways.
Tight as in when you say tight alone. Just tight like if someone say they smoked the best weed, you can reply with HAMBURGER.
Not tight as in "that ass is tight".
Then it would be HAMBURGER, that ass is.... HAMBURGER.
HAMBURGER, that bitch got the ass of cleopatra.

HAMBURGER, check out that tightass blunt.

HAAAAAAAMBURGER (announced Dhaaaaaymburga) i wanna get down with that ass
by mc identity of rap-battle.com January 09, 2005
Slang for the larger, original XBox controller.
I don't like the new Controller-S, I like to use the Hamburger.
by Phil Reese July 28, 2003
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