A slang term for a member of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army. This term may sometimes be extended to other people that fought against the United States Marines in the Vietnam War.
Carlos Hathcock once killed 7 hamburgers at one time.
by watchoutforcharlie November 20, 2009
A fantastic meal named after beautiful Hamburg City in europe.

By the way: There is no Ham in the Hamburger, because there obviously aint no Burger in the Hamburger neither.

What the f* would a Burger be anyway?

Just like there neither is a Frank in a Frankfurter nor is there a Furter.
In their slackness, the people of america began to call the hamburger just a burger.
Then along came stupid and invented the cheeseburger.
The smart guys figured out: If there is cheese on the cheeseburger, there has to be ham on the hamburger. But what they forgot: There ain't no Frank on the furter either!
by morkfromtheork November 23, 2009
A handjob that is most commonly given by a student to their teacher or professor for brownie points. It is slightly less effective than a "cheeseburger" in achieving brownie points and is often referred to as a "handburger" as well.
Kat: Did you hear about how Garrett got an A+ on Dr. Cheekers's last biology quiz? Everyone else basically failed!

Alex: Dude... I bet he gave Dr. Cheekers a hamburger of epic proportions. Extra mayonnaise.
by GBoyofSV March 18, 2010
A word to use when you don't want to curse.
"Hamburger, look at all you"

"When making love to your woman you say hamburger"
by hitmancoolio August 26, 2008
when u put yr dick between yr balls and turn it sideways so it resembles a hamburger.
goods make an awesome hamburger
by jay August 03, 2003
When a man wraps his dick around his testicles and makes it appears for the shape of a Hamburger.
Wow, he can do the Hamburger!!!
by Anonymous January 15, 2003
a type of wang oragami where the wang is
folded to resemble a hamburger
I woke up with a hamburger.
by noss February 12, 2004

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