Llama food. As seen in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite.
Tina, you fat lard, come get some ham!
by Chris May 06, 2005
An acronym meaning "Hardly Agree More" to express agreement and often sameness, especially in instant and text messaging.
1. (agreement)
Guy 1: Watch this video, the girl in it is really hot!
Guy 2: Ham!

2. (sameness)
Girl: I'm going to the fair this weekend.
Guy: Ham!
by LOLrific July 21, 2010
flippin out on someone, actinh crazy
Im bout to go ham on you for talkin to my girl
by STUD21 September 06, 2009
A code word for pot
Give me the dam ham
I love amsterdamian hammies
by 440 420er August 19, 2009
In the MMORPG EVE Online, it stands for Heavy Assault Missile
That Drake had 6 HAM launchers that did a lot of damage
by ZAXX July 17, 2008
Acronymn for Hot Ass Mess.
Did you see Alexis at the club, she looked a HAM!
by Nikkibal August 19, 2007
Hot Ass Mess!!! Referring to someone that is just plain tacky looking and don't even know it.
Damn, the clothes she has on makes her look like a HAM.
by SexyShaunLuvsFB June 21, 2007

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