To flaunt money with Hamilton's face on it!
I'm so rich I might have to go ham on these fools!
by Tluvly December 24, 2008
Vagina, fanny, ladybits, cunt, twat, fadge, flange, beef curtains, hairy axe wound, fifi, minnie, minge.
Would you like to touch my ham?
I've got ham on the brain.
Dude, where's my ham??
Ham on the bone.
Hmm, my hams a bit sweaty.
by Chalise and Charlotte October 30, 2008
1. The new 'sac.' Used by a cultish group of DC-area linguists to supplement (some whisper "replace") the old mainstay: "sac."

2. An actual ham. Used in a derogatory fashion, as many of the group's core membership are vegetarians.

3. Stacy.

4. A greeting or salutation.
"How's your ham?"
"Just fine. How's your sac?"
by RR & TO, Linguistic Innovators February 25, 2008
Slang for a hot person, usually a woman. Doable, at least.
At the club, maybe we'll meet some hams, maybe do holes. It'll be good times.
by mollybo September 10, 2006
Hot Ass Mess
When someone is dressed terribly. e.g when overweight people wear clothes that are far too small they are a HAM
by dontyuhnoh October 23, 2010
An abbreviation for the phrase "having a moment". Can be used similar to 'i ily you" such as "I'm having a ham" which is grammatically incorrect of course, or just simply "I'm ham".
Person 1: *sigh* *has a sad face*
Person 2: awww, what's up?
Person 1: sorry, i'm just having a ham.
Person 2: oh k
by sezzzzzzab August 28, 2010
the root word mayhem, to cause disorder. shorten up the word , with a lil swagg and the word sounds like mayham. take of the the may and you get the hood term Go Ham.
That N!GG@ Ideya went Ham on that Traxx (track).

I just said hi to old girl and she went ham on ya Boi (Boy) talking bout my Fam and Ish (shit).
by Ideya Maxwell August 19, 2010
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