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An attractive female with a big round ass and/or voluptuous breasts.
"That girls ham" "She's hot, but she ain't ham"
by tryin2hard February 28, 2009
3 13
Abbreviation for "half-assed mustache". When someone with very little ability to grow a mustache nevertheless attempts to do so and ends up with a faint line of upper-lip hair. Usually found on pubescent males. Often a sign of the wearer's insecurity concerning his own masculinity.
"Billy-Ray's attempt to buy alcohol with a fake i.d. was hampered by his high-pitched voice, his short stature and his ham which, when viewed from a distance of greater than a foot, appeared less like a mustache and more like a slight smear of chocolate milk."

Billy-Ray: "How-do, lovely lady? In addition to this bottle of MD 20/20, I'd like a pack of Lucky Strikes, please."

Cashier: "May I see your i.d. sir?"

Billy-Ray: "Sure thing, doll."

Cashier: "Listen, Magnum P.I., you're not fooling anyone with that pitiful ham! Got Milk? Get the hell outta here before I call the cops!"
by dorianX January 25, 2009
2 12
1. The new 'sac.' Used by a cultish group of DC-area linguists to supplement (some whisper "replace") the old mainstay: "sac."

2. An actual ham. Used in a derogatory fashion, as many of the group's core membership are vegetarians.

3. Stacy.

4. A greeting or salutation.
"How's your ham?"
"Just fine. How's your sac?"
by RR & TO, Linguistic Innovators February 25, 2008
2 12
Hot Ass Mess!!! Referring to someone that is just plain tacky looking and don't even know it.
Damn, the clothes she has on makes her look like a HAM.
by SexyShaunLuvsFB June 21, 2007
8 18
throwed ass abbreviation for HOE ASS MOVES made up by the real big meats in houston.
REAL BIG MEATS:Dog bean pulled a ham for 20 quarters!
BIG MEATS:I know fuck that nigga
by REAL BIG MEATS November 13, 2006
2 12
1. Horny and Mexican, 2. Hard as a Motherfucker.
1. Jose walked out of the strip club (his grandmothers house) all HAM.

2. I was so HAM in your mom last night bro, she was lovin it.
by George "the Faget" Fisher April 02, 2010
6 17
hot ass mess
damn u a ham
by 2curtis2 August 16, 2008
19 30