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a sweet loving girl, who is sometimes crazy. a girl who can fuck a bitch up if she had to. she can be a little slow at times but you gotta love her. she is super pretty and makes friends easily. she has the most beautiful smile. and is good in bed
just look at her
who hally?
by xoxLovelyxox October 20, 2010
Hallucinogens, stuff that makes you see shit, you know, happy things.
shrrrrrroooooms, acid, salvia = hallies.
by yewo April 23, 2008
another name for the common sex position "69"
Girl: I'm feeling very horny tonite..
Boy: Me too, how about we do your favorite position?
Girl: 77?
Boy: NO, the hally!
Girl: Let's do it bby!!!
by Dear Prudence March 19, 2008
A girl who flirts shamelessly with men ignore her bf, likes black dudes and musclebound guys but loves money being spent on her. A Hally is generally a fat slag who cant shut her mouth or her legs and she will have a killer pair of tits. Typical first names for a Hally are Claire Hannah Hayley Nat Kirsty. The men she likes to cheat with are generally called John Oliver Chris James Matthew or anything with a cock that isnt her boyfriend.
Look at poor Hallys boyfriend what a mug, I but she never fucks him.
by Pliskinsnake December 14, 2010
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