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She is a happy bubbley girl and hates bitches and she loves her friends and family and would sacrafice her life for them. She is a very pretty gal and does everthing without moaning. All the boys are after her.
Guy 1: God Halli is well Hot
Guy 2: I no Im thinking about asking her out. Should i do it?
Guy 1: No!

Guy 2: Why

Guy 1: Because i wanna
by Cheergal11 July 21, 2011
56 13
She loves to dance, sing and is fun and exciting. She has a chest and everyone likes her! She can be a bitch at some times but then she can be a nice person!!!
Have you seen Halli today?" "Ya isn't she amazing.
by iloveu123, June 07, 2011
28 5
a misspelling of the name Hailey, pronounced the same but spelled by redneck. Often the name for a girl who is blindly blonde (even if not physically blonde) and often bluntly irrational.
"Holy shit! Did she just walk into a telephone pole then go back to hug it?!"

"lol, she just pulled a Halli"
by irhhbsdm December 08, 2012
10 10
The action of a jump kick hitting a laser beam while a volcano erupts.
When that laser was fired at Mt. St-Helen as it erupted, I thought we were done for, but, thankfully Steve hallised it and saved the day.
by Dan Backslide February 03, 2010
0 1
One of the biggest bitches you will ever meet, who thinks shes all that and can get every guy. Truely she cant and she is hideous. She has a nasty ass body and no cheast or booty. She has everybody on lock but secretly everyone hates her, but she is always there. Shes someone you cannot trust and is a compulsive liar.
Did you see Halli? Shes so ugly.
by Kendra76 April 04, 2011
21 52