when someone has some f***in nasty breath!
dude your breath stanks!! you must have halitosis!
by Ali June 22, 2004
Very bad breath that smells like somebody didn't brush their teeth their whole lives or use mouthwash or something. The common stench of anime/cosplay/Linux/hacker conventions, which usually mingles with the stench of the unwashed bodies of the geeks who attend them, all to produce a deadly vapor that can be smelled from up to two blocks away.
I smell halitosis in the air. A large groups of geeks are gathered nearby.
When your breath smells like hot trash.
I was cocked last night, so I fell asleep after eating a large sundae. When I woke up, I said hi to my reflection and melted a hole in the mirror. I have halitosis.
by karnak July 11, 2003
A foulness and disttasteful odour eminating from ones mouth.
A geezer with a bad attitude called Paul Day
by ave-it April 11, 2003
To sneak through a hallway on your tipee-toes without being caught.
' Man, Mike is one hell of a halitosis-er'
by Memnoch June 12, 2003
my neighbors breath
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
The white man's breath.
Your breath smells so bad you probably got halitosis.
by Anonymous July 05, 2003

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