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1970s era commercial jingle about the need to brush your teeth to avoid tooth decay
They call me Yuckmouth
Cause I don't brush
No I like my teeth like this

They call me Yuckmouth
Cause I don't brush
How's about a little kiss?

Got some beef in my teeth
Got some chicken too
Ouch! That's a cavity
Hey, that's new!

Well if you don't brush your teeth
Then yes, you too
Will be a yuckmouth

Don't be a yuckmouth!
by gammarock April 15, 2005
One who does not brush their teeth.
They call him Yuck Mouth, because he don't brush.
by Qix December 07, 2003
a person who teeth and mouth are not very appealing to see or look at.
Simone has a yuck-mouth.
by Ta'Von Powell April 15, 2005
Stank Breath, usually missing some teeth.
'Dayum hoe yo shit is fucked UPPP. Where your teef go Yuck Mouth?'
by Dont-Be-Skurrd June 12, 2004
verb. vulgar, disgusting, displeasing.

Relates to the face you make while witnessing something sickening or repulsive.
Did you see what that moon cricket left in that spackle bucket? That shit is mad yuckmouth.
by D-Realz May 28, 2009
That taste you get in your mouth when you realize that the really cool set of bagpipes you found in your grandma's bathroom closet and wrapped your lips around was in fact her vintage douche bag.
Andrew still has the yuck mouth to this day from playing grandmas bagpipes
by AdaMeaux March 03, 2009
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