(n., shortened form of "simple chronic halitosis") False medical condition created by advertising writers to sell mouthwash. Only known symptom is bad breath, usually brought under control with periodic use of advertiser's product.
The best cure for halitosis is better oral hygene.
by Anonymous May 26, 2003
Stank-ass breath that makes you want to die. Commonly found in old people (particularly professors who drink too much coffee) and college students who don't brush their teeth and are prone to sucking too much cock.
Lordy, Bobby's halitosis was worse than usual today. He must've rolled straight in from that trick of his.
by CalvinistHobbs December 10, 2010
Enough to keep away a herd of elephants. Creates collective underwear stench within your throat. Spreds to your tongue and then lips. The stench may even waft from your cheeks.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 18, 2003
when someone has some f***in nasty breath!
dude your breath stanks!! you must have halitosis!
by Ali June 22, 2004
Very bad breath that smells like somebody didn't brush their teeth their whole lives or use mouthwash or something. The common stench of anime/cosplay/Linux/hacker conventions, which usually mingles with the stench of the unwashed bodies of the geeks who attend them, all to produce a deadly vapor that can be smelled from up to two blocks away.
I smell halitosis in the air. A large groups of geeks are gathered nearby.
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