An incredibly beautiful and intelligent girl for whom any Alec would love to have. Haleys are usually short but very lively. They usually have blueish gray eyes and beautiful brown hair. They are always the life of the party and can find a way to brighten up anyone's day. They are very funny. They are very strong, both physically and emotionally, and athletic. They are great swimmers and lacrosse players. Anyone is lucky to have them as a friend and even more lucky to have them as more than a friend.
Look! That girl can swimm and play lacrosse! And she's so funny and beautiful. Must be a Haley!
by Epicfailur293 May 21, 2013
Haley is a pretty, strawberry blonde. She has blue/green eyes and is of average height. Her boobs are big though. She is very smart and always strives for perfection. You will never catch Haley procrastinating. She can be quick to anger and is annoyed easily, but is really a sweet person. She is very quiet, but very approachable. You will have to be the one to make the first move, but she is so nice and interesting you'll be glad you did. Because she is so quiet it is so funny when she lets go and says crazy things. Haley never gives a boy with unpure intentions what they want. Haley is extremely moral. She is an amazing friend who will support and help her friends through whatever they are going through.
Guy: I tried a move on Haley last night.
Guy's Friend: How'd it go.
Guy: It didn't......
Guy's Friend: Have you ever even talked to her?
Guy: No, but she has big boobs.
Guy's Friend: You should've tried, she's really nice and interesting.
by Mrs.McCall June 06, 2012
A person of the female race who falls under any or all of these catgories:

1. a very absent-minded person who just "isn't there" all the time
2. someone who cannot listen to anything but an ipod without getting confused.
3. a person who often is told (jokingly) that they have a.d.d. due to the fact that they have no attention span
5. is very short
6. often a music geek/drama geek
7. known to have so many inside jokes that they often forget which ones are from which friends
your so haley you can barely see over the steering wheel
by ur best-y January 04, 2008
Is the perfect girl you will ever meet and is small cute and adorable also loves dinosaurs and is a wizard on the down low and will be the best thing that will ever happen to you.she might be a little sad or mad at you at times but will never stop loving you after you give her your heart and is the best cuddler you will ever meet and is the best hugger ever and is just the only thing you will ever want and you will fall for her as soon as you meet her and when you first talk or meet her only one thought will come to your mind and it's that she is the one so don't mess up or you will lose her and you'll regret it every day you do cause being without her for a second is worse enough
Haley is the love of my life
by Definition greg March 01, 2015
Usually a fake fan of any kind of music or movie
Person: Emma was being such a haley. She says she loves Star Wars even though she's never watched the movies
by Notapsycho September 11, 2015
When you meet a Haley, put a ring on it. They have big asses and they are always up for a party and then will fuck shit up! They are super fun and gorgeous. Normally non-athletic and smart. Haley's are keepers!!
Boy: "Look at that sexy piece of cake!"
Boy: "I bet her name is Haley."
by 23242526 May 14, 2015
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