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The unnatural pause that occurs when you switch from one accent to another, especially when you switch between languages
"This is my daughter, *Nadia Petrova*."
"Wow that hait was a little long"
The words in the asterisks indicate a different accent was used.
by Prostituta May 06, 2014
noun. To describe the cover up of a bad hair cut with hat.
You can tell how good a hairdresser is by the amount of haits leaving from it

Check out the hait on that guy...
by lamsdale May 05, 2011
An acronym that stands for How Am I Today.
Dax: Dude Senter, guess what came in the mail. A free meal at Zaxby's.

Senter: I'm pissed, I didn't get one.

Dax: Hait!!!!!!
by BM Jr Jr December 23, 2008
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