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Proof that heaven exists.
Zaxby's zax sauce is the most delicious thing ever made.
by grungeisded November 16, 2009
An amazing fast-food/restaurant-ish place.
They have fantastic wings and great fries, and they have a completely delicious sauce for their fries and fried chicken.

Fairly unheard of outside of the Southeastern United States, if you ever go there, get the wings & things
Guy: Dude I just ate at Zaxby's.

Girl: I love that place, they have the most amazing wings!

Guy: I know right! Thank God I live in the Southeastern states.
by Zaxby's yay! February 09, 2011
the most amazing guy in the world. he's full of surprises and always knows how to cheer a soul up. he is the love of my life. i would go through hell for that man if i had to! he has gorgeous eyes that one can easily get lost in. he's uber sexy and a GREAT kisser! he's so gentle yet so rough at times. he always makes me happy and i want to spend the rest of my life with him!
Becky: hot damn! who is that guy!?
Samantha: becky, that would be a zaxby
Becky: mmm! i want one!
by mrs. knight March 21, 2010
Used to refer to something hot,a new trend. An attractive characteristic or trait or thing. Used in any sense and synonymous to fly.
You went to myrtle beach for break? That's so zaxbys!
by kynes March 22, 2008
Possibly the shittiest fast food chicken you will ever eat.
Guy #1: "Hey! lets go to Zaxby's!"

Guy #2: "Fuck you Tom, I'd rather eat shit!"
by DiskoStikk June 24, 2009
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