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located on the island of hispaniola next to the dominican republic. French and haitian creole are the most spoken languages there. Not only black people live there. there are people of different shades there too.
Haiti is a beautiful country, but has lots of political problems.
by A Haitian April 15, 2005
country next to the dominican republic, and island, french speaking, black people.
by outlast October 11, 2003
Haiti is one of the biggest Islands in the Caribbean, sharing its borders with the Dominican Republic. Although misjudge Haiti is a better country than it is thought to be, media of course try to portray Haiti as an hell hole. Not true I’ve been there and lived there only problem is extremely hot temperature and mosquitoes. Just to clarify something Haiti was under American occupation, period in which the U.S took a very large amount of gold and treasure (during early 1900’s under Theodore Roosevelt). Haiti has not have the greatest luck with leaders, everyone come with great promises but end up still millions.
jacmel is located in the south part oh haiti, similar architecture with new orleans
by Marx-Albert Gedeon December 08, 2007
A country located in the Caribbean. It shares the Island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. It has been having many problems in its economy due to its numerous ruthless and selfish dictators. It's been in a state of civil unrest for years.

It is also the first black nation to win it's independence in the Americas.
Trudy: Did you know Haiti used to be called the "Jewel of the Caribbean"?

Judy: Really? I heard that it used to be populated by the Taïno indians until the whites, spanish, and french brought African slaves into the country for sugarcane plantations.

Trudy: That is true. and ever since then, the slaves revolted with Toussaint Louverture and won their independence. I don't think those whites, spaniards, and french ever forgave them.

Judy: Oh yeah. Since then, the Haitians have been paying for their independence. They have a long way to go until they're stable.
by Lala678 March 12, 2008
The best example of what happens when blacks control a country's destiny. Prior to 1804 Haiti was the prize possession of the French in the New World. It generated so much wealth for them that they called it the "Jewel of the Carribean". After the massacre of every white man, woman and child on the island, it became the first black-ruled country in the western hemisphere. Since that day, Haiti has been mired in corruption, violence, poverty and AIDS, much like many other African countries.
Liberals often blame white racism for the plight of black people in inner cities, which is just as hard to prove as it is to disprove. But who do they blame in Haiti?
by FigurinOutLife November 07, 2005
Haiti is an island naitian in the Caribbean located west of The Domincan Rebublic. Both Haiti and the D.R share the same island of Hispanola. Not all Haitian are black only 60% (including ligth skinned blacks) 40% are Mulatto the rest of Haitians are White (mostley of French,Polish,Greman and Italian. the media potray's Haiti and a hell whole but Haiti is Very beautyful with tons of poltical problems. Haitians speck to Languges French and Creole. 80% of Haitians are Chatolic 20% Are Protestant (note: 40% of haitians also practice voodoo along with Christian faiths). As a White Haitian i should know that Mulattoes and White Haitians often are richer the blacks. Haiti was once Frances riches colony! that sold more suger and coffe then all the british colonies combined! Haiti gained independance in 1804!
Haiti France Matinique
by Jameson Marie-Jeanne March 18, 2008
An island that was recently hit by a magnitude-7 earthquake
"Dazed survivors wandered past dead bodies in rubble-strewn streets Wednesday, crying for loved ones, and rescuers desperately searched collapsed buildings as fear rose that the death toll from Haiti's devastating earthquake could reach into the tens of thousands."
by where in the world is haiti January 13, 2010