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when something is very funny and you laugh out loud.
girl- i love you.
boy- thaats haha-larious!!!!!!!
girl- :'(
by hahaaha04 January 17, 2010
when a joke isn't funny you say that it is Ha-Ha-larious instead of hilarious.

very sarcastic
!erson1:What do you get when you cross a cobra tamer and a playwright?

Person2: what?

Person1:William Snakespeare

Person2:thats a Ha-Ha-larious joke
by technosunshine July 23, 2009
1.A term used to describe a poor joke most often in a sarcastic response to being the comic's intended target. 2. A dry response to a person who is witty and clever only to themselves, usually said to the person with a completely straight face.
Steve: I just flew in for the holidays and boy are my arms tired!

Joe: Yeah Steve that was haha-larious, you should quit your job as an architect and totally do stand up.
by CJPA251 December 25, 2013