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Used to express farewell. Have a good day; have a good one.
Instead of saying, "have a good one" to someone when leaving, say "hago."
by Linda D. August 13, 2007
an over wieght Yangsta Asian who wishes he were black, macs on Deren's girl when in reality he is ugly as fuck, has -0.3 inch penis, has no luck with women, especially twins, constantly craving fried chicken, and hates on black when he wishes he was black, is thirstier than a dying Arab the Sahara desert, and masturbates to the pictures of girls in his pre-calc book and dragon ball z. while frequently engaging in vanilla tricycles.
Dude don't be such a Hagos
by Shinho Kim June 12, 2013
hit a guy once. aka one night stand. go ahead, ladies.
"sorry, man. i don't want to date you. you're just a hago."
by hagoqueen July 11, 2009
Have A Good One

variant of Have A Good Won
What's going on chief? HAGO?
by Conspirator January 25, 2004
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