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A slang term for fag hag.
Fiona is really in love with Lyle knowing full well he's gay. I guess that makes her a haggot.
by First and ONLY to make you CUM March 13, 2006
n. A gay male who is devoted to or dependent upon his gaggle of straight female admirers (aka fag hags) for platonic intimacy and emotional support.
"Tim hasn't dated a man in years; he usually goes out on weekends with his hags. Tim is a haggot."
by PoMo Hoochie August 06, 2007
Derogatory term for a person of Scottish descent.

Derivation: combination of haggis and faggot.
Q: Do you know why haggots wear kilts?
A: Sheep can hear a zipper a mile away.
by coulson January 23, 2004
A male who lives vicariously through the life or lives of a lesbian(s). Like a fag hag, only being male - preferably a gay male. Almost like being a sister to said lesbian(s).
Following the clique nervously, the haggot quickly thought up a witty turn of phrase to keep his lesbian friend amused.
by Stephen September 11, 2003
A hairy faggot.
you might just be a haggot!!!
by Sabian June 03, 2004
Brandon Quessy, or a person not liked by any with a hairy mole and red hair.
That haggot is a firebush.
by Mark March 07, 2004
A girl who only hangs out with gay men. But she likes straight guys. (Kinda. She secretly wants the gay ones.)
Most High School Girls can be called a Haggot.
by hickboy1298 December 18, 2009

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