A person who enjoys partaking in the consumption of the bloody discharge from a woman's vagina during menstruation.
Gary the haemogoblin gobbled the haemoglobin from Kate's bloody gash and screamed, "I love VampyCunt!"
by CyberMunchy September 24, 2006
A woman that sucks the life out of any man she encounters. A song was written about this by UK Hardcore band Chronographs
Holy shit dude! That girl is such a haemogoblin, stay away!
by jonisonfire April 27, 2009

A microscopic parasite which inhabits a humans blood stream, taking the place of oxygen on the red blood cells. Can cause death if left untreated.
Person 1: I've been having some circulation issues recently.
Person 2: Have you been to see a doctor?
Person 1: Yeah. He said I have Haemogoblins.
by who_dares_wins March 02, 2011

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