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(Verb) To put, chuck or throw something onto or into a place of storage or resting place.

Also, see Bribe
"John, where shall I put your bag?"
"Oh, just bung it in the corner"


"Sally, what should I do with your books?"
"Bung 'em on the shelf please Barry"
by CyberMunchy September 20, 2006
A person who enjoys partaking in the consumption of the bloody discharge from a woman's vagina during menstruation.
Gary the haemogoblin gobbled the haemoglobin from Kate's bloody gash and screamed, "I love VampyCunt!"
by CyberMunchy September 24, 2006
(Verb) (To do a) bunk - run away, flee, escape before you are caught doing something naughty
"John, the taxman is after us, what should we do?"

"Let's do a bunk before they find out how much we really owe"
by CyberMunchy September 21, 2006
The feeling you get when you're ready to go out on the town a bit too early and you're sitting around at home waiting for your friends to come out to meet you, or waiting for the call to say, "It's partytime!"
Out of the shower, dressed, jacket on.
Itching to go! Nobody else is ready. Switch on the TV but watch without interest. Get up. Sit down. Look at your watch, check for SMS messages.. the Cabin Fever is setting in.
by CyberMunchy October 20, 2006
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