hxc reffers to groups of people much like skaters,wangsters,or preps.people that are concidered Hxc wont come out and say "i'm Hxc".people most commonly mistaken people of this race{jk}, emo's.there is a difference,emo's are normally gay, dont talk, wear checkered arm bands ,and all black.Hxc groups normally wear band tee's wich might include norma jean,underoath,he is legend, and everytime i die,as i lay dying.might.the also wear tight pants Tiger or Puma shoes,and might include a fitted hat.alot of tight cloths.some hxc people really focus on there look,wich includes their hair,long hair is most common and gauged ears.most hxc people{i dont know how to use the term} will gauge their ears past 0 if its a small 6 or 4,then idk.and unlike emo;s. people who are concidered hxc come out in sunlight and have fun,and dont think negitive towards life.there is many differences between emo's and people who are hxc.
Fall out boy=not hxc
as i lay dying=hxc

jumping up and down at shows=not hxc
moshing and hardcore dancing at shows=hxc
by $alex$ August 17, 2006
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There was a time when hardcore was more than music, it was a movement. Anyone, regardless of how well they could play an instrument could express themselves musically in ways too agressive, too brutal and in most circumstances too honest for even edgy mainstream music. It was a time when bands were willing to push the envelope while breaking all the rules, and didn't let the fact that they had to do it all by themselves stop them. True hardcore is an unstopable messege, totally seperate from the countless trends (from Bleached hair to Girl Jeans) that have come and gone. It's going to a show with 9 kids or 1000 kids who are perfect strangers or your best friends, and knowing that everyone in the room with a soul is compelled with the same unmatched intensity, to "think how they want to think", to "do what they know is right" to "be what they want to be" and never let anyone even think they can stop them.

I think over the years we've all gotten spoiled to the point where we don't care about much more than what we have, how many "babes we can slay" (if you're a dude) and above all else, our social status. People get so caught up in that shit that they can't undertand the value of something that doesn't provide any material benefit or make them appear special in whatever way, yet it has the capacity to empower every kid to live life to the fullest, be his/herself and have a shit-ton of fun in the process.
I think it's unfortunate that people these days pick out all the trappings of hardcore, the fashion trends, the image (there are tons of images) and limit hardcore to just that, since it suits their superficial way that they approach the world. It makes about as much sense as taking the pickles off of a big mac and calling them hamburgers (i mean if you really like pickles.) I hope this definition helps people reexamine the way they think about hardcore, and spread the word to people who don't know any better.
What the FUCK happened to HXC?
by Matt Moore June 25, 2006
A style of music characterized by having both metal and punk influence. The term was first coined by the band DOA on the "Hardcore '82" EP, if I'm not mistaken. Unfortunately, it's being taken to extremes by suburban gangbangers who form crews and beat the shit out of people who don't let them karate dance wherever they want to. And they don't have any respect at all, in most cases. Hardcore used to be about unity and brotherhood, but now it's about who has the biggest crew and who dances the hardest. And it's becoming closer and closer to bad death metal with 1-chord breakdowns.
OG hardcore kid: What's up, man? Have you heard this band Gorilla Biscuits? They're rad. Circle pit!

Modern hXc crew kid: Yo dog, my ABC/DEC/WAC/PHUC crews is some gangstaz! Whatup cuz! We's hXc like a mofo. What that kid said?!?! Bust his ass, yo! Awww snap! Breakdown time! *spin kick, flail, windmill*
by Skid Mark April 13, 2005
adj. (music) referring to the hardcore scene, especially of the straight edge variety (symbolized by the x)

n. (music) the hardcore scene, of which there are two major varieties:
1. fashionxcore, etc.: the blood brothers, eighteen visions, atreyu, the bled, etc.
2. old school/tough guy, etc.: madball, hatebreed, throwdown, bane, converge
This bandana will make me look so hxc.
by xbloodlossx June 19, 2004
Contrary to what has been posted earlier, the X wasnt simply put in hXc because it looked cool. It originated back in the punk scene in New York back in the '80's.

Originally, NYHC was written on a white shirt with the N to the left side of the X, the Y to the right. The H was at the top portion and the C at the bottom. Looking similar to this:


This is back in the day, before the labels of "emo" or "scene" or some other moniker the sheep can come up with.

This was Punk, it was Anarchy, it was Hardcore. Not the sad perversion that it has become today.
"The Mob" put NY hXc on the map.
by Avigatorx May 11, 2006
HXC is just short for the word hardcore. hardcore is a music genre but also is an attitude and a way of life. Most people who like or are into HXC usally didnt fit in very well with the popular crowd or just didnt feel like they belong there so they found a place where they fit in and had a home and could relate with other people, this was HXC. There are many versions of HXC. some people say that to be hardcore you must be straight edge and vegan, while others say that you shouldnt be straight edge. The genre of music has many diffrent views too. people say that true hardcore is bands such as : madball, throwdown,terror,The warriors and others say that hardcore is bands like : As I lay Dying, underoath, avenged sevenfold. People have been arguing about what hardcore TRUELY is but theres so many diffrent perspectives of it who really knows what true hardcore is, hardcore is what ever you want it to be.
HXC kid 1: hardcore is about bieng straight edge and dancing in the pit.

HXC kid 2: hardcore is getting wasted and hurting people on purpose in the pit.

HXC 3: hardcore is not about the music its about the life style you live.
by Stratton Taylor April 20, 2006
Abbreviation of "Hardcore," more often than not referring to the music, scene, and people that are associated with it. In large part, pup-punk scenes and hardcore scenes coincide, but not without issues.
Generally, hXc bands at pop punk shows attract hXc kids, which hardly ever ends well, usually because of the lack of respect for the venue's rules by the hXc kids.
In large part, hXc kids are wannabe "tough guys" who pick fights in groups and carry weapons around at all times.
That's all modern-day hardcore has amounted to; gang mentality. It's not about the music or togetherness anymore. It's about picking fights and seeing who's toughest and who can be the biggest hardass.
Most hXc kids are quite generic and almost always have a look consisting of a shaved head/short hair, a band tee, and camo shorts.
Any hXc kid will deny these claims and probably say that anyone who makes them has no idea what they're talking about.
hXc kid: Check out this little emo fag. Go run home so you can sit in a dark corner and cry.

Scene/Emo/Some other vague generalization kid: Dude, you're generic as shit. You might as well be calling yourself a nazi, hardcore faggot.

hXc kid: This must be your first show, ebcause you clearly don't know what you're talking about, faggot. Shut your mouth before i bust out my knucks and break your teeth.

Scene/Emo/Some other vague generalization kid: Whatever, go smoke some more cigs even though you say you're sXe, douche.
by glad im not hXc December 13, 2008
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