1.HaRd X CoRe
3. "COOL"
Azurik, The Terminator, ur mom, Aviator sunglasses, guns, old cars, and bar fights Hxc
by Dackie August 30, 2007
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Many think this is a reletively new abbreiviation of the word "hardcore," but infact it's an abbreiviation of the word "hardxcore." This is when someone is so "hardcore" they are straight edge aswell.

The "X" in the word symbolises straight edge because it has straight edges.
Guy 1: OMFG that scene is so hardcore, with his tee's and hightops.

Guy 2: Yeah, I hear he's a vegan and doesn't even smoke.

Guy 1: He must be HXC
by JayyJayyJoint March 17, 2009
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hxc is like a hardcore, emo(style), straight edge person. they are the shi*
You guys are so hxc

damn! that girl at hot topic was so hxc!
by alexis biotch October 08, 2007
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