posuer hardcore. ex: underoath, the almost, all that shit music that get's on warped tour nowadays
loserkid666: armor for sleep is so hxc

Oi!boy77: fuck you you bellend
by A Choking Victim January 05, 2008
not what most of you are saying... its all about standing up for what you beleive in standing your ground and never backing down. its the marine motto "DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR"
it started with such bands as black flagg its not the 2 step not your clothes not your crew not straight edge its not chugging a liter of vodka its being fed up with being a second class citizen and letting it be known its standing up when no one else will
musically not: etid not as i lay dying
musically its: black flagg, minor threat, righteous jams(invasion), black listed, pale horse, tripple threat, death before dishonor,
realisticly: it stay gold pony boy... if you dont get that then get out your not hxc
by chrismfmartini May 12, 2008
Many think this is a reletively new abbreiviation of the word "hardcore," but infact it's an abbreiviation of the word "hardxcore." This is when someone is so "hardcore" they are straight edge aswell.

The "X" in the word symbolises straight edge because it has straight edges.
Guy 1: OMFG that scene is so hardcore, with his tee's and hightops.

Guy 2: Yeah, I hear he's a vegan and doesn't even smoke.

Guy 1: He must be HXC
by JayyJayyJoint March 17, 2009
hXc is just short for the word hardcore. hardcore is a music genre but also is an attitude and a way of life. Most people who like or are into hXc usually didn't fit in very well with the popular crowd or just didn't feel like they belong there so they found a place where they fit in and had a home and could relate with other people, this was hXc. There are many versions of hXc.
Michael was so hXc when he owned that n00b, but then again when isn't he.
by Cassie(Michael's hXc apprentice) November 26, 2007
Someone who lives in a dark world, has a huge mustache, and is extremely hardcore.
J: "I live in a dark world, with my mustache of steel,"

P: "Dont we all wish we could be as hXc as jordan?"
by Mynameisjessicaandimatroll September 07, 2007
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