Shortened acronym for hardcore.
jo]: dude, i pooped on your lawn yesterday.
ese]: hxc, yo.
by daavid October 24, 2006
1.HaRd X CoRe
3. "COOL"
Azurik, The Terminator, ur mom, Aviator sunglasses, guns, old cars, and bar fights Hxc
by Dackie August 30, 2007
1.) Dancing like you're a damn moron
2.) Best when kicked out of concerts because of their disregard for where their windmilling and karate kid moves are landing
3.) Should be beat down in a mosh pit quickly
4.) Pathetic excuses for human beings; generally obnoxious and very narrow minded
Look at the hXc faggotry over there.
by Jackii August 22, 2007
hxc reffers to groups of people much like skaters,wangsters,or preps.people that are concidered Hxc wont come out and say "i'm Hxc".people most commonly mistaken people of this race{jk}, emo's.there is a difference,emo's are normally gay, dont talk, wear checkered arm bands ,and all black.Hxc groups normally wear band tee's wich might include norma jean,underoath,he is legend, and everytime i die,as i lay dying.might.the also wear tight pants Tiger or Puma shoes,and might include a fitted hat.alot of tight cloths.some hxc people really focus on there look,wich includes their hair,long hair is most common and gauged ears.most hxc people{i dont know how to use the term} will gauge their ears past 0 if its a small 6 or 4,then idk.and unlike emo;s. people who are concidered hxc come out in sunlight and have fun,and dont think negitive towards life.there is many differences between emo's and people who are hxc.
Fall out boy=not hxc
as i lay dying=hxc

jumping up and down at shows=not hxc
moshing and hardcore dancing at shows=hxc
by $alex$ August 17, 2006
hxc is like a hardcore, emo(style), straight edge person. they are the shi*
You guys are so hxc

damn! that girl at hot topic was so hxc!
by alexis biotch October 08, 2007
Hardcore - to show fear on to others/ being proud of yourself and taking no sh*t from anyone. Sticking up for yourself and to be mentaly and physicaly stronger then others. Showing that only the wise and strong survive, beucase life is a war.
Did you see that kid push throught all of those kids in the hallways, now that kid is hXc/hardcore
by Roger Biz March 03, 2004
not just a music genra, a way of life
Stay Tough, Stay HxC
by xalex May 06, 2004
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