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And explanation of the undesirable unexpected.
"Yo they were all out of sour cream and onion chips."
"Wtf h4x."
by THeGMaN September 06, 2008
20 16
Cheating or hacking programs in online multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike. The cheater often has an aimbot, can see players through walls, uses neon colored player models, and has decreased recoil to name a few advantages.
That guy just got three headshots in a row! He must be using h4x!
by l337 h4x0r January 27, 2004
317 63
A term commonly used towards someone who is playing amazing, or doing things which may look like they are cheating, when in fact, in most cases, they are not. Also used a complement to good players labelling their skills as good enough to be considered cheating.
Oh shit you h4x dude.
You are teh h4x.
OMG H4X!!!
by Brad Lundahl November 23, 2002
236 65
A word translated into 1337speak.

Most commonly used as a congratulation to someone whom is doing extremely well in a game, usually by the opposition.
<n00b> OMG J00 R TEH H4X
<whee> Thanks.
by trust April 25, 2004
88 72
So much ownage you must cheat.
"wtf he h4x"
by karsten July 08, 2003
58 63
Gaining access to another computer through an exploit. Can also be used in a sarcastic or funny way.
"I just h4x'd this nix boxen"
by DarkSun August 07, 2006
28 51
so 1337 they pwn nubs in teh nubish dome so much everyone thinks they h4x.
OMG!!! j00 FUXING h4x!!!one!1one1!!
by ben dobbins July 30, 2004
22 50