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An expression of glee when there is silence or nothing better to do.
"WHEEEEEEEEEE!" Jane yelled loudly in the middle of the study hall.
by Rei January 12, 2004
1. n. A high pitched sound that can make almost anyones day.
Hey You, Guess what?
You made my day.
by Andrew February 10, 2005
Whee is a term used when going down a slide; The CORRECT version of 'wee' or 'weee!'
*goes down a slide* WHEE! Well that was fun.
by Harmony-wa November 05, 2009
A mock exclamation of excitment used in chatrooms or IRC channels in situations of extended silence or a prevailing atmosphere of boredom.
sumd00d: <_<
sumd00d: >_>
sumd00d: wheeee!
by eLix0r December 30, 2004
The alternative yet completely wrong way to spell wee, weee!, or WEEEEEE!. Usually comes about when no one informs the person soon enough that "whee" is incorrect.
"Wheeeee" *smack!*..."oh wow...thank you stranger...for pointing out my folly."
by The Ben November 14, 2004
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